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Scam – Scam- Scam 512-275-6123 Solaris Energy or Solaris Online Services are just a front for an online Criminal. The Websites,,,postingreview />,,reviewmanagement.c />,,,postpost />,

All of these sites are run by a scammer and spammer. Do not contact them. They use multiple websites to scam people. They get you to start with them and then when they don't do what they say and you stop paying them they will threaten to ruin your name online. They will post negative reviews on your company. I bought a 50 review package and I got 1 review a month for 3 months. Instead of 150 reviews I got 3 total. And now they have threatened to destroy me online. They get you to working with them and then POW they ruin you online.

I have found multiple things online about these guys. All these sites are owned by William Stanley, William Lawrence or Bill Stanley probably all the same guy. He is one of the 200 Biggest Spammers in the World. And there are whole sites dedicated just to his criminal activities online. He is over in Romania and thinks he is AMMUNE to our laws here in the US.

Here are a few links outlining what this guy is all about /> /> />

Watch the youtube video it is very scary to think this guy is out there.

The one on Complaintwire outlines his tactics.

Also, I have found that Solaris Energy or is just a US front for Mr Stanley. These are all Scam sites. Do not contact them. They will destroy you and your business.

Here are some of the other sites I found that are all scam sites.

Solaris Energy

3195 SE Lionel Terrace

Stuart, Florida


Do your research. These guys are trouble. They have told me to have my attorney go F*** himself when I told them I would file suit against them for this criminal activity towards me. They have no office. They only have you mail a check to them. And Solaris Enery or is a front for getting the money launder.

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